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Litigating aviation disasters presents unique challenges

The recent tragedy is still unfolding that involved a Cessna 525 Citation carrying the pilot and five passengers. All were family members and friends and the plane presumably crashed into Lake Erie shortly after taking off from Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland during a spate of inclement winter weather. Authorities have now turned the focus from a rescue to a recovery, however, as debris continues to wash onto shore on the waves.

Tort Reform Protects Insurance Companies, Not Patients.

Recently I read a study about deaths caused by medical errors. The report brought to mind other studies I've read about the effects of "tort reform" on healthcare and I couldn't help but wonder how these studies fit together.

Common reasons for motorcycle accidents: Make safety a priority

As we are into summer and the peak of riding season, motorcycle safety is a top priority. Motorcycles offer less protection and stability than passenger vehicles, resulting in a higher incidence of serious injuries and fatalities among motorcyclists. By understanding the top reasons for motorcycle accidents and knowing who may be liable for injuries caused by accidents, you can better protect yourself. Some of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include the following:

Too Many Medical Devices Do More Harm Than Good

In recent years, medical technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. From hip replacement devices and pacemaker implants to artificial heart valves and prosthetics, we have access to many different products designed to improve and extend our lives.

Mammograms: False Positives vs. Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Recently there has been a good deal of publicity about whether or not middle aged women are getting too many false positives following routine mammograms. Most people probably know that a "false positive" is medical jargon for a false alarm or erroneous suggestion that there is something wrong medically, when in fact there is not. Because of this, a good many women who really had nothing wrong with their breasts wound up having biopsies, etc. because of the mammography report.

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