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How to handle out-of-state car accidents

Car accidents are always a worry in the back of our minds, and unfortunately, they do happen. As an Ohio resident, if you are involved in a collision that causes personal injury or property damage, you may want to consider filing a suit to make sure you are duly compensated. Many different types of legal processes can become complicated, and that can often be the case when accidents are out-of-state. Here are some simple tips for handling these situations.

Top 7 Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Most motorcyclists love the idea of the weather clearing so they can hit the open road, feel the sunshine and cool wind on their skin and enjoy their ride. Many new bike enthusiasts hit the streets annually and it's important for every rider (new or seasoned) to be aware of safety concerns and risks associated with riding. Between 2011 and 2015, 765 motorcycle fatalities occurred in Ohio, of those, 224 were helmet-related deaths. For that reason, it's critical for every rider to know some of the top causes of motorcycle crashes and to take every safety precaution in order to prevent accidents this riding season. Here are seven common causes of motorcycle accidents to keep in mind:

What damages are available to a victim of a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. You might be left with severe injuries that lead to hospitalization; or you might have seemingly minor injuries that cause you pain for months or years afterwards. If your vehicle sustained significant damage, it may be unusable until it is repaired, or it may be totaled. All of these things can bring significant hardship to you and your family in the aftermath of an accident.

Injuries can ruin the fun for spring break vacationers

Traveling during spring break is an annual tradition for many families with children of all ages. For some college students, it even seems like it is a rite of passage. School vacations are intended to be a fun, carefree break from winter and a welcome to spring. However, they can also bring an increased chance of accidents and injuries to vacationers.

You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident - Now What?

You've been in a car accident that occurred in Ohio. The other driver was at fault. Now what? Will the responsible driver's insurance company pay your medical bills? What about your damaged car? Can they really stop paying for a rental car if the insurance company makes a horrible offer to settle the property damage? Should you contact your insurance company? What about your health insurer? Should they pay for the medical treatment? What are all these forms you are receiving from insurance companies? Should you sign authorizations permitting the responsible driver's insurance company to obtain your medical records? Now I'm getting bills from the ER stating that I have to pay the bill and that they won't bill my health insurance. I didn't do anything wrong and I'm stuck with all these problems on top of my injuries and lost time from work.  Help!

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